The Ferndale Cat Shelter was recently made aware of a situation where over 80 cats and kittens were living in a hot, humid, un-ventilated basement with filthy litter boxes and food and water bowls. The stench was beyond belief, and many of the kitties were covered in their own urine and feces. Someone needed to help.

Volunteers from the Ferndale Cat Shelter stepped up to the challenge and removed more than 50 cats, many of which were given extensive medical care. However, as a result, we are looking at over $10,000 in vet expenses alone. If you’d like to help support the Ferndale Cat Shelter and cats in need of help throughout Ferndale and the surrounding area, we ask that you please consider making any donation, large or small, to help us pay existing medical bills and continue to provide care to these felines and others.

Ferndale Cat Shelter volunteers removed 54 cats and kittens from this horror.  20 were sent “elsewhere” and there were 7-8 that we were adopted or going to another local rescue.  Most had upper respiratory infections and eye infections, parasites and intestinal bacteria. None were being treated consistently with medication. The cats were all caged in a damp and hot basement and some were living in crowded cages in the garage. A few kittens consequently passed away from disease and malnutrition. A dead kitten was discovered at the bottom of a dog crate occupied by 10 other kittens standing in filth.

hoarder-cats-adoption-rescue-ferndale-cat-shelterSince moving them into foster homes, we have also discovered many kittens with ringworm and other parasites and diseases.  2 had FeLV, 3 were diagnosed with FIP.  8 died either at her home or early on as a result of the diseases.  Six kittens had to have an eye removed and many more have damaged corneas from lack of medical care.  One kitten had a foot injury that will require physical therapy.  There are a few more that may yet lose and eye.

Most of these cats and kittens were transported from other states including Kentucky, North Carolina and West Virginia. Some came from hoarding situations there.  The hoarder felt she was helping them, as many do. Instead, she created a living hell for these helpless creatures.

Ferndale Cat Shelter is just over two years old and Catfe Lounge opened in November of 2015 to connect the community to the homeless cat population and improve adoptions. In our short existence, we have never taken on the challenge of a situation such as this. But Ferndale is our community, and we knew that these cats and kittens needed our help. But as a direct result of dealing with this, we have had to say no to other situations where we would have normally been able to help.

Together with dozens of volunteers, we have managed to find fosters and a few adopters for almost every cat that suffered in this hoarder’s care. That is no small task for our organization! Much gratitude is felt for the people that stepped up to provide safe, healthy and loving homes to these cats. We couldn’t do this without the help of our animal loving community.

When we needed an emergency space to house 23 of the cats pulled from this home, Liz Blondy from Canine to 5 stepped in and offered her empty warehouse. Free of charge! The people of Ferndale never cease to amaze. We are so fortunate to be a part of this community.

We are also grateful to All About Animals Rescue in Warren for accommodating our seemingly endless spay/neuter needs. We are so fortunate to have them in such close proximity to our community.

This fundraiser was created to offset the tremendous medical expenses we have incurred in this process. In addition to All About Animals, the veterinary care we have received at Little Friends of Ferndale and Hilton Veterinary Clinic of Ferndale has been nothing short of stellar! Dr. Burke and Dr. Schnur along with their top shelf vet techs have bent over backwards to accommodate this flood of emergency medical needs. We are so humbled by their generosity.

Even with some very very generous pricing, we are looking at over $10,000 in costs to cover just the vetting expenses so far.  There will be more costs coming including normal medical needs like spay/neuter surgeries and vaccinations. So many stepped up to help foster and adopt and we are very grateful for that.

Please consider making any donation, large or small to help us pay existing medical bills and continue to provide care to these felines and others. We need help paying our veterinary bills, so consider calling or stopping in to Little Friends or Hilton vet and directly making a donation on our account. You may also consider becoming a sustaining contributor, sponsoring a particular cat or kitten to help us get them the medical attention they need.

Hey, there are many non-profit organizations on this planet and many people and animals in need that you can donate your hard earned money to. But if we can help those who are helpless in our community, we can make the world a better place, inch by inch, step by step. If you’re interested in donating, contributions can be made on our fundraising page here.

Thank you for your contributions and for your continued support of the Catfé and Ferndale Cat Shelter. Ferndale’s felines appreciate it!